Creative Producer, Innovator & Storyteller


My mission is to support you in telling your brand or charity’s story through digital formats, social media, video, 360º video, photography and immersive communication platforms such as Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Over the past 10 years, I am extremely fortunate to collaborate with many talented and pioneering individuals in the creative and digital space delivering projects for the BBC, Samsung, Microsoft, HSBC, Honda, Monsoon, 3Network, ARUK, RSA, Age Uk and more.

My passion for storytelling was born from my love of people and the connections we make through the stories we share.

I realised this whilst digging latrines with a group of international volunteers along with the wonderful people living in remote communities in the Upper West of Ghana.

Every interaction, especially with the local community was a heartfelt and generous story and each one to be savoured. Through these stories I was privileged to learn and felt like I’ve lived over a hundred lives.


On my return, I focussed the next few years on learning the craft of visual storytelling through cinematography, lighting and editing at the specialist design and A/V university of Ravensbourne. I also trained the knowledge and skills to be a producer and project manager.

What next?

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