Interactive Projection : DIFICLIR

Client: Equinox Design

Agency: VISYON

Campaign: Equinox Design approached us with a brief to create a multistory installation / touch point with minimal kit in view, to engage pharmaceutical audience at international pharma trade events as guests perused the stands.

We utilised the PERCH projection system that works with touch, visuals and sound. PERCH is usually deployed as a retail display system, we used it to create an interactive installation to capture the attention of the audience for this industry.

The following image is an example of one slide of creative that was projected. The three circles are buttons/hot-spots to press and move the content forward, a sound is assigned to each touch of a button. If one was to interact and wave their hand near the “bugs”, the bugs would swim away from the hand in every direction making it impossible to catch them.


As this full project cannot be exhibited here, please see the following videos from PERCH’S show-reel to get a feel of how this projection would have worked.