Mark Taffler : Samsung / Honda BSB


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Mark Taffler – Senior Marketing Manager  Samsung Electronics

“Just when you’re losing faith in agencies, they aren’t listening to your needs, all they are concerned about is sending you over the latest purchase order, Moe popped up. The term breath of fresh air is very over utilised today, however, I can safely say that Moe is just that.

Moe has single-handedly built, launched, managed, edited, run, and provided all self-filmed content for the Samsung Honda Facebook and Twitter pages.

The site has only been running for 6 months and already has close to 60k likes – its nearest competitor in the Superbike world is somewhere around 15k with even the championship site itself only having 30k followers.

Moe ‘does’. He goes to every race, films everything, is loved by everybody and gets results. It is really that simple.

I’ve loved working with him and I wouldn’t hesitate to a) work with him again and b) take him for a beer!”

Campaign Successes:

  • Created the youngest ever BSB champion
  • The content engagement rate organically ranged from 4.2% to 19%
  • Within the first six months, the fan base for the team reached 60,000 – a greater number than the BSB Championship itself at 30,000 and 15,000 above the nearest competitor
  • In the second year, cross-promotions through the team’s Facebook fanbase contributed to helping Samsung UK reach its first EVER million followers on Facebook

Click here for the End of Season Report

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Click here for the End of Season Report