360º Video : Monika & Lee’s Big Day In The Mountains


What would it feel like to re-visit your own wedding months later as a guest? How would you feel? How would your parents feel to be able to re-live that proud moment again and again? Well Monika, Lee and their family got to do just that.

Distribution Platform: Veer Tv’s app platform that includes WebVR. WebVR creates the possibility of not needing to download an app to watch immersive content thus maximising reach and curtailing audience drop-off rate, which is a great tool for digital marketeers. Just one click on the link below the you’re there. Hit the VR mode on the button right to split the screen.

This special moment was filmed to give you the feeling of presence. For the best experience click the link below on your mobile devise, pop that in an inexpensive VR headset like the Homido V2 or Google Cardboard and wear headphones.

Monika & Lee’s Big Day In The Mountains

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