VR Short Film : Last Moments

Reactions video shot by Avril at the Euthanasia Conference in Amsterdam.


It was a pleasure to meet and work with indie film maker Avril Furness, writer and director of VR Film Last Moments, produced with Framestore PicturesVISYONfreelance designers from immersive theatre company Punchdrunk and Grand Central Sound Studios,

The VR film: Shot at Bristol Museum’s 2015/16 exhibition: ‘death: the human experience’ in a replica of a room at Dignitas Switzerland, The Last Moments is an interactive docudrama film that allows the viewer to experience an assisted suicide and either end their life or carry on living.

The choice the viewer makes directly impacts the outcome of the film and also allows for choices to be polled to help spark debate on this sensitive issue.

Distribution platform: Android app for Gear VR for Special screenings of the film at:

The Guardian Masterclass, Goldsmiths University, March 2017, London Short Film Festival, Jan 2017, LISBON WEBSUMMIT November 2016, Raindance VRX Awards Launch, May 2016, Raindance VR Masterclass series, May 2016, Encounters Film Festival, Open City Documentary Festival

Press: Interviews with writer, director Avril about the project:

Road To VR, WIRED Magazine, The Mirror, Daily Mail, JWT, The Memo, BBC World Service, WIRED podcast.