Mind Controlled VR App : The penalty-kick Challenge

This is a short 360º intro video taken from snippets of the app.

Click anywhere on this text to launch on the YouTube app on your mobile device for the VR/immersive experience.

Client: MyndPlay

The MyndPlay platform was created to empower users to train their brains to improve attention, meditation skills, and the ability to overcome mental obstacles through entertainment, simulations and guided training applications.

Agency: VISYON

Campaign: Develop a brain training app for Oculus DK2 (before the public release of the Oculus Rift) that incorporates MyndPlay’s Brain Band technology as the controller. Audience don the gear, follow the tutorial and then take up the challenge to score (or fail) penalty-kicks by the power of their mind, by simply controlling whether they are in a relaxed/meditative state or focused/anxious state.